New Mercedes-Benz Map Update Available for Select Models

Update your Mercedes-Benz navigation system map

Update your map and access the latest road and POI data.

Update Your Mercedes-Benz Map


The optimal navigation experience requires the freshest road data. With up to 260 unique data points contained within a single road segment, it is essential to keep your Mercedes-Benz navigation system up to date.

In addition to new and modified roads, signage, speed limits, and addresses, each update refreshes your system’s points of interest. This makes it easier to access nearby fuel stations, ATMs, restaurants, hotels, parking, and much more.

Remember: a map update enhances all types of driving, from everyday commutes to holiday road trips.

Keep your Mercedes-Benz navigation system optimized—update your map today.

New map update available for the following systems and models:

NTG2.5 System
CLS 2009-2011
E-Class Sedan 2009
E-Class Wagon 2009
G-Class 2009-2012
GL 2009-2012
M-Class 2009-2011
R-Class 2009-2012
SL 2009 & 2011-2012
SLK 2009-2011

NTG4-212 System
E-Class Cabriolet 2011
E-Class Coupe 2010-2011
E-Class Sedan 2010-2011
E-Class Wagon 2011