Navigation System 101: Voice Commands

Learn about navigation system voice commands

photo via QFamily on Flickr

Navigate seamlessly with voice commands. Are you talking to your navigation system?

Talking to smartphones and computers has become more common with the rise of intelligent personal assistants. But are you talking to your vehicle’s navigation system? Given the amount of time Americans spend driving ever year (over 17,600 minutes on average), it only makes sense to improve the interaction between car and driver.

Voice commands for in-vehicle navigation systems have been around for several years and offer a number of advantages. Most notably, you can access information while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. But what are some of the specific functions?

With voice commands you can:

  • Set a destination
  • Search for specific points of interest – some systems also have commands that enable you to specify the type of business and proximity to your current location or your destination
  • Add a destination to your system’s address book
  • Alter the orientation of the map
  • Display specific elements on the map such as your current location and icons for points of interest (ATMs, gas stations)

These are just a few of the possibilities. Remember: Every navigation system is different. Consult your navigation system user manual to find the specific voice commands and capabilities for your vehicle.

Tip: Practice makes perfect

Practice using different voice commands in your everyday driving, even when travelling familiar roads. For instance, add your work, school, or a friend’s house to your address book. Search for a nearby ATM or other point of interest. The more you use voice commands, the more natural it will become.