Navigation System 101: Nearby Points of Interest

Find nearby POI using your navigation system

Photo via Old Mister Crow on Flickr

Whether you’re on the road or just in an unfamiliar neighborhood, use your navigation system to find what you need.

Sometimes you never know when the next “Gas – Food – Lodging” sign will appear. Maybe you’ve got zero signal bars on your phone and you’re running low on fuel. This is one of many instances where you can use your vehicle’s navigation system to locate nearby points of interest including gas stations, ATMs, restaurants, hotels, and much more.

Many navigation systems enable you to isolate businesses in the immediate vicinity through your system search function or within points of interest. In addition, you can re-route to the desired point of interest or add it as a waypoint.

As always, keep in mind that navigation systems differ in how this information is accessed and presented. Always consult your navigation system user manual to learn how to properly utilize this function.


  • The next time you need fuel or to get cash at an ATM, try using the nearby POI feature on your navigation system
  • Experiment with adding POI as waypoints, a feature that is handy when running errands or taking a road trip