Navigation System 101: Alternate Routes

Avoid traffic with your navigation system

Sometimes even the best route leads to delays and stress. Time for plan B.

No matter the season, no matter your destination: traffic and weather are often the primary causes of traffic delays. There are two ways you can use your navigation system to avoid these scenarios.

Initial Route Selection:
Many navigation systems offer different types of routes including fastest, most efficient, and scenic. Some systems provide multiple routing options listed by duration and distance. Either way, studying your options carefully before you leave can make a significant difference.

Plan B:
Sometimes traffic conditions change quickly and your selected route is no longer the best option. Use your system’s re-routing feature to navigate around delays.

Alternatively, if you deviate from the original route, many navigation systems will automatically recalculate and provide a new route to your destination.

Review Your System’s Capabilities:
Consult your navigation system user manual to answer the following important questions:

  • Does my navigation system offer traffic alerts?
  • How do I re-route in the event of delays?
  • How are routing options listed or classified?

Tip: Try different routes to familiar destinations
To better gauge your system’s routing capabilities, test out different routes to common destinations such as work or school.