Navigate Your Way to Lower Fuel Costs

Use your GPS to save on fuel costs.

To truly maximize your fuel savings, make sure you’re getting the most from your GPS technology and HERE maps onboard your vehicle’s navigation system.

According to a HERE study, GPS navigation systems prove to be good for more than just getting you from point A to point B. The study showed that drivers using navigation systems drove shorter distances, and spent less time on the road, resulting in a 12% increase in fuel efficiency. Further analysis revealed that by improving your routing efficiency, navigation systems can help you save up to $200 in fuel costs annually.

To calculate how much a navigation system can potentially save you in yearly fuel costs, check out the savings calculator in the sidebar to the right. This useful online tool accounts for variables like engine size, annual mileage, driving area, fuel type and fuel costs. Upon entering all the variables, it will calculate annual time, money, fuel and carbon emissions savings.

You can also minimize fuel costs with your navigation system by simply making sure you have the most recent map update. Map updates supply the navigation system with the latest information it needs to find the best routes, locate stations with the lowest gas prices and pinpoint the closest roadside services. After all, no one can afford to waste gas or money driving around with outdated maps.

When you consider the average American spends 36 hours a year stuck in traffic, checking traffic before hitting the road makes a lot of sense. Clicking the traffic conditions button at can help you increase fuel efficiency before you even get in the car. It lets you see where the congestion is, and how to get around it. And for traffic along the way, also offers mobile solutions via your cell phone or PDA.