Beyond Navigation: Alternative Uses For GPS

Find where the fish are biting and more with your GPS!

When you think GPS, images of satellites, interactive maps and vehicle navigation systems likely come to mind. Truth is there are far more uses for GPS beyond basic tracking and navigation that we can benefit from in our daily lives. Discover something new and find ways to take your GPS out for a spin of different sorts.

Here are a few alternative uses for GPS worth checking out:

Curb Speeding among Teen Drivers
Parents who worry their teen has a lead foot can keep tabs on their speed demon with real-time GPS. In most cases, a small device mounted in the car transmits real-time data including speed to a website accessible by parents. Davis Instruments, a private manufacturer, offers a variety of CarChip® products parents can use to monitor their teen’s driving. And while this technology provides some peace of mind, experts advise parents of letting their kids know they’re being monitored.

Track Your Workout
One of the most common uses for GPS is just going for a hike, walk, run or bike ride. With a wrist mounted GPS unit, you can track where you are, how far you have gone, how far you have to go and much more. GPS-enabled sport watches like the Garmin Forerunner® 210 also shows you exercise data such as heart rate, speed and distance, and your total workout time.

Innovation in GPS technology has opened the door for alternative uses that go beyond basic navigation. Within the next decade, it’s possible the use of GPS becomes so mainstream that we take it for granted like we do now with the Internet and smartphones. The key is to dive right in and enjoy everything this amazing technology has to offer.

Catch More Fish
If you know where the fish are biting, you can set a waypoint for your favorite fishing spots on the lake. Many fish-friendly GPS devices like the Garmin GPSMAP® 60 also include fishing and hunting schedules for the best days and times to fish, and which species are in season.

Discover Hidden Treasure
Channel your inner adventure seeker and play the latest game to take the GPS community by storm – geocaching. A high-tech version of hide-and-seek, geocaching involves players going online to get GPS coordinates and then heading outdoors with a handheld GPS device to find a hidden treasure in the area. There are geocaches for players of all levels, from the novice to expert geocacher. Not to mention a few sponsored geocaches where you can win a new car, exotic trips and other great prizes. To find a geocache in your area, visit

Farm More Efficiently
By placing a satellite receiver on the roof of their tractors, farmers can plant in perfectly straight rows and save on both time and fuel costs. Auto-steer technology, which is aided by GPS, follows the same concept as the autopilot in the aviation industry. It also helps reduce the farmer’s mental and physical fatigue, significantly reducing the likelihood of mistakes.